Jacques Monod on Life

The ancient covenant is in pieces; man knows at last that he is alone in the universe’s indifferent immensity, out of which he emerged only by chance. His destiny is nowhere spelled out, nor his duty. The kingdom above or the darkness below; it is for him to choose.

Man must at last wake out of his millenary dream; and in doing so wake to his total solitude, his fundamental isolation. Now does he at last realize that, like a gypsy, he lives at the boundary of an alien world. A world that is deaf to his music, just as indifferent to his hopes as to his suffering or his crimes.

Jacques Monod

~ by Thanatologist on 2009-03-30.

3 Responses to “Jacques Monod on Life”

  1. This site makes me very sad. I hope you connect with your soul before you die. You are not alone in the universe. The universe is a magical place and you are connected to it the way your cells are connected to your body. Through yoga and /or martial arts and your breath you can go within and there, within yourself, you will hit on something big and you will realize that you are divine . Life here on earth is like a classroom, in each incarnation we are given another opportunity to evolve and connect with our own divinity.

    • Alise, I’m glad that my site makes you feel sad; that is good… it means you are alive! Anyone who is fully alive feels a sense of sorrow; to deny it is to deny being fully alive. Life is not about trying to deny ‘the dark’ ; it is about embracing the dark and light in their entirety. I’m sorry, you are wrong, we human being are indeed alone, we are born alone, we die alone, and everything in between is an attempt to make a connexion with something profound; to share the aloneness for one moment. Only during a transcendent period, an altered state of consciousness, can we feel that we are within and inside the cosmos, however, we cannot live in that altered state; one must cook dinner, plant the garden, work, etc. We are alone but also connected to everything on another level. They are both a simultaneous reality. As for me ‘connecting with my soul’ I have indeed, and that is why I do not attempt to deny the beauty and profundity of Jacques Monod’s words; I can withstand them and appreciate their beauty precisely because I am not trying to deny reality and create some kind of deluded blissful state (there are no ‘reincarnations’; no evidence, and it goes entirely against what we feel in our bones; only when our bodies become food for the trees, does our life force them become reincarnated into a new life; that of the trees and plants, where-ever the body happens to be buried, that’s all.

  2. […] était un étudiant de Jacques Monod qui a écrit Le Hasard et la Nécessité (1970), une livre qui était une inspiration pour […]

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