Richard E. Johnson – Primary Encounters

The metaphor is a useful ancillary mode, but primary encounters demand much more than such partial participation. They demand direct and complete involvement by both participants. They demand a risk and a commitment more critical than metaphor experience can provide. A primary encounter must be a personal communication which comes to life in the moment and endures beyond it. An encounter which would not make a relationship vital in the lived world beyond the moment is not an authentic encounter. Only such genuine commitment by both participants can make a relationship real. All else is doomed to the failure inherent in any dishonest venture.

Richard Eaton Johnson {p. 49, Existential Man: The Challenge of Psychotherapy, 1971, Vieweg & Sohn, GmbH, Burgplatz 1, Braunschweig.}

~ by Thanatologist on 2009-04-16.

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