Heraclitus on War

Aristotle, Eth. Eud. vii. 1, p. 1235 a 26. And Heraclitus blamed the poet who said, “Would that strife were destroyed from among gods and men.” …For there could be no harmony without sharps and flats, nor living beings without male and female which are contraries.

SOURCES–Plutarch, de Iside 48, p. 370. Context:–For Heraclitus in plain terms calls war the father and king and lord of all (= frag. 44), and he says that Homer, when he prayed–“Discord be damned from gods and human race,” forgot that he called down curses on the origin of all things, since they have their source in antipathy and war.

(Chalcidius in Tim. 295. — Eustathius ad Il. xviii. 107, p. 1113, 56. — Schol. Ven. (A) ad Il. xviii, 107. — Simplicius in Aristot. Categ. p. 104 Delta, ed. Basil.)

The above was taken from: The Fragments of Heraclitus, translated by G.T.W. Patrick, 1889

~ by Thanatologist on 2009-06-11.

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