Zen meditation leads to Enlightenment

Zen Master Hakuin (1686-1769), describes the importance of single-minded absorption and, subsequently, how any sudden or unexpected attention-fixating stimulus can precipitate Enlightenment. He says he went out of his mind and absorbed everything in the universe all at once. The state lasted several days and he did not feel any sense of loss in life, all his doubts in life vanished, and he realized that there is no cycle of life and death; that all is one all at once in time, and the 1700 koans passed down all suddenly had no value whatsoever. The book describing this experience was published in 1971, by author Yampolski. In Zen, koans are used as focal points, to suddenly enter into the whole universe at once. This state of heightened awareness is called satori, and within satori there is no concept of ‘I’ as a personal construct; all dualism disappears. In this state, the mind is ready and open for a spontaneous realization experience. At this point, any external or internal stimuli can catalyze an abrupt realization experience. It could be the sound of a temple bell, or the sight of a tree in the distance, or an experience of physical pain.

~ by Thanatologist on 2009-08-01.

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